Flok O'Naturel Organic Hair Salon
Part salon, part gallery, part chill-out zone – cuts, colouring and conversation for all.
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"The team of friendly stylists clearly take pride in their work, so you will too." – Time Out

Hair Stylist prices are 15% less than Senior Stylist prices

Get your hair down to a fine art

Put your feet up, let your hair down and get it styled to perfection. Soothing tunes in the background, up-and-coming art on the walls – all washed down with a fine tea. What's not to like?

Students get 10% off every day except Saturday

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Cut & finish

StylistSenior Stylist
Mens Wash & Cut £20£24
Mens Wash & Cut (long) £25£30
Mens Dry Cut £20£229
Mens Clipper all over £12£15
Mens Wash & Cut and beard trim deluxe £29£34
Ladies Wash & Cut (with blast dry) £35£48
Ladies Wash & Cut (with blow dry) £40£48
Ladies Wash & Cut (with blow dry and conditioning treatment)Deluxe £45£55
Ladies Reshape £38£45

Colour Organic / Natural menu

StylistSenior Stylist
Organic Roots Colour deluxe £42£50
Full Colour Organic deluxe £55£65
Seaweed ½ Head Highlights (+£10 if using Toner) deluxe £66£78
Seaweed Full Head Highlights (+£10 if using Toner) deluxe £76£90
Pre-lightener – Seaweed (Healthy alternative to bleach) root deluxe£60 £70
Pre-lightener – Seaweed (Healthy alternative to bleach) all over deluxe £85£100

Colour menu

StylistSenior Stylist
Roots Colour£42£47
Full Colour£50£57
½ Head Highlights (+£10 if using Toner) £60£70
Full Head Highlights (+£10 if using Toner) £72£85
¾ Head Balayage (+£10 if using Toner) £80£95
Full Head Balayage (+£10 if using Toner) £93£110
Toner £30£35
Pre-lightener (bleach) root (+£10 if using Toner) £51£60
Pre-lightener (bleach) all over (+£10 if using Toner) £72£85
Semi Colour Roots £38£45
Semi Colour Full £47£55


StylistSenior Stylist
Keratin Treatment £95£110
Olaplex Treatment £30£35
Olaplex and Clear Treatment £38£45
Deep Conditioning Treatment £21£25
Head massage with deep conditioning treatment (20 minutes) £30£35


StylistSenior Stylist
Blow dry £25£30
Blow dry (curly hair) £30£35
Hair up £40£40
Bridal trial £50£50
Bridal £70£70

This small but perfectly formed hairdressers on Caledonian Road offers affordable cuts without skimping on the quality. The relaxed setting is due to it being part salon and part gallery, so you can get your art fix at the same time as getting your hair fixed. A rotating exhibition of up-and-coming art adorns the walls and a carefully selected playlist sounds out in the background. Dyes here are naturally sourced and organic – perfect if you’re ditching harsh chemical products. The team of friendly stylists clearly take pride in their work, so you will too.

London’s best hairdressers – Time Out





Our Products

Flok Salon presents its new range of natural/organic based colours. You now have the option to choose an organic ‘Natural Colour Works’ colour as well as our existing ‘KEUNE’ and ‘So Pure KEUNE’ colour.

H2O Colour

H2O Colour is gentle on us and our clients giving great healthy-looking hair that keeps them coming back time and time again.

H2O Colour is a 95% water-based colour without any peroxide, ammonia or resorcinol in the mix making it completely odourless.

H2O Colour cuts the colour correction process in half as there is no need to pre-pigmentate and prevents any further damage being done to the hair shaft.

Keune So Pure

Healthy SO PURE KEUNE Colour, Ammonia free, Paraben free, Organic ingredients

The shades are 100% ammonia and parabens free and enriched with phytokeratin. The coconut base rebuilds the natural hair structure from within and protects. The result is strong, healthy hair with a long lasting color.

Seaweed Lightener

Odourless Seaweed Lightener achieves the same bright blonde levels as traditional bleach while leaving the hair with a healthy glow.

Seaweed Lightener offers longer lasting highlights to our clients as its swell-free formula allows you to get closer to the root and leaves the hair in amazing condition.

Seaweed Lightener is odourless giving hair a wonderful gloss when used with our special Avocado Developer.

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Open 10.30am-7.30pm on weekdays, 9am-6pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday – or come down for a post-work cut-and-cocktail until 8.30pm every Wednesday.


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To make booking easier, here is how we measure hair:

Short Hair: Anything that doesn't cover your ears;
Medium Hair: Anything longer than your chin;
Long Hair: Anything longer than shoulder length.

We hope to see you soon!

Please note. If your hair is very thick an extra charge may be applied to your haircut / color services. We'll mention this to you in person before we start. Please call beforehand so that we can allow some extra time with you.

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Flok Hair Salon & Art Gallery
358 Caledonian Road
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